Nick Culbertson, Co-Founder and CEO, Protenus
Nick Culbertson, Co-Founder and CEOPrevention is better than cure’ is probably one of the biggest life lessons, and the healthcare industry is the best advocate of this adage. Care providers always take a proactive route to health management to diagnose, treat, and prevent a patient’s medical conditions. But when it comes to the non-clinical, administrative faction of the healthcare landscape, that proactiveness is often stunted or untenable.

Take healthcare security and compliance monitoring, for instance. The average hospital generates 60 million auditable events per month, which is impossible for any compliance team to keep up with manually. This creates a massive blind spot with virtually no protection against the dangers of increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks, patient record breaches, and insider security incidents. Modernizing the approach to healthcare compliance monitoring is key to reducing risk, and that’s where Protenus cements its cornerstone.

Protenus takes a proactive stance on risk and compliance monitoring to identify the early warning signs of patient privacy and compliance issues. The company achieves this with its platform in the following ways: It starts by gathering disparate data from all sources to place it in a single-pane-of glass view. Then Protenus utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to automate the monitoring of every activity on a regular basis. The third, and most important step, is creating proactive feedback loops with the help of robust data infrastructure and proactive AI to track warning signs and potential risks. Not only does it help track a threat faster than time-consuming and low-yield monthly reporting, but it also streamlines the compliance workflows and automation.

Protenus: Enhancing Healthcare Compliance to Eliminate Risk

To that end, the Protenus healthcare compliance analytics platform empowers healthcare firms to eliminate risk from two standpoints: protecting patient privacy and improving drug diversion surveillance. Protenus protects patient privacy by identifying and averting various types of HIPAA and other regulatory or internal policy violations and other privacy and security threats to patient data. Ensuring this privacy helps hospitals build stronger trust among their patients to share sensitive information.

Adjacently, Protenus also helps adhere to pharmacy compliance by auditing up to 100 percent of pharmaceutical transactions and accurately detecting diversion incidents in real time. This audit is also meant to prevent the drugs from entering the black market or being used by anyone for personal gain. Hence, Protenus takes pride in its offerings as it focuses on prevention and not just finding incidents. Protenus solutions also supports the hospital organizations with more efficient workflow automation, especially important given that the labor staffing and resource challenges of the sector are at an all-time high now.

Protenus takes a proactive stance to compliance monitoring to identify early warning signs of compliance issues and prevent risk

“Our solutions have been especially beneficial in managing back-office operations with limited resources and staff shortages during the pandemic. We helped many facilities automate their workflow to solve the issues that plagued their healthcare operation while reducing their compliance investments at scale,” states Nick Culbertson, co-founder and CEO of Protenus.

This is reflected in a scenario where a large independent distributor network (IDN) in the Pacific Northwest sought Protenus’ help to create a cost-effective culture of compliance for their hospital medical system. In the pandemic’s wake, the client had limited resources for building a compliance environment. Onboarding Protenus’ compliance analytics platform enabled them to reduce their compliance spending while increasing the ability to audit and document every event in real time boosting the compliance throughput with measurable results.

Protenus is the cornerstone of many similar success stories today, showcasing their determination to provide tangible, actionable data when and where needed, along with a scalable risk management solution. As a technology vendor focusing solely on healthcare risk and compliance, and going beyond just identifying and mitigating risk patterns, Protenus wants to continue helping healthcare organizations discover opportunities and remove any obstacles that hinder improved patient care.